A great garment begins with the best fabric

In the 19th century, sport was very much a masculine activity. It was not until the end of 1800s that women started taking part in sport to increase their physical well-being through exercise and to compete with each other in sporting events.

As medical and social attitudes towards physical exercise changed, activities such as cycling and swimming became more popular with women.

The first modern Olympics Games 1896 were very much a gentlemanly pursuit excluding all but the privileged. Women were not invited to take part in the Olympic Games until 1900 and were only allowed to compete in Women’s golf, tennis and yachting. Females taking part had no choice but to play in ankle-length dresses with long sleeves, high necks and shoes with heels!

The 1920s embraced rapid technological advances as designers were challenged to create more simplified, practical clothing. The Paris Olympics of 1924 saw the introduction of lighter cooler fabrics, such as jersey cotton, satin and silk. Sportswomen were pioneering the change in attitudes to suitable clothing for women.

In the 1950’s, the growth of synthetic fibres transformed sports clothing for both men and women. Nylon was used to make a new type of stretchy fabric component known as elastane, spandex or lycra.

Without elastane, spandex and lycra, companies like our Italian fabric supplier would not be able to produce the high-quality fabrics for the sport and fashion industry.

The Italian connection

Why has Bibo chosen to make their innovative Female cycling wear collection with Italian fabric?

Italy has a reputation for producing some of the best fabrics in the world. Many of the top fashion houses only use fabrics produced in Italy. Our Italian supplier creates sophisticated fabrics tailored for fashionable and premium garments, suitable for any event which combine aesthetic appeal and comfort.

The fabrics we have selected have been manufactured to the highest standard and incorporate:

  • High-comfort wearability
  • Easy-care features
  • Light weight
  • Wicking (the magic ingredient for stopping sweat patches!)

Bibo are currently creating a new way to dress whilst cycling. We believe in fashionable practical clothing for female cyclists, a great garment begins with the best fabric!