How to stay warm and safe during the winter months?

Now Christmas is over we have another couple of months of cold, rainy, snowy weather to contend with before we start to see the first signs of Spring. January & February are the darker, colder months of the winter, so it’s important to be prepared before you set out on your bike.

What is the best way to stay warm and safe during the cold weather?

At Bibo we have found the following clothing and safety options work well:

  • Layers, will keep you warmer than opting for a single thick jacket, it will also make adjusting to temperature changes easier. The following layers, work really well together: A base layer that wicks away moisture. A mid layer with Thermal properties to retain heat. An outer layer with wind and rain stopper fabric to block cold air and water getting in but still allow sweat out.
  • Thirty percent of the body’s heat is lost through the head; therefore, layering is also a good idea for your head. Aero Helmets usually have less vents, retain heat better than traditional helmets, and will keep you dry in the rain. If you don’t own an Aero helmet, a helmet cover work just as well! In colder temperatures, use a skull cap specific to cycling that is slim enough to fit under your helmet and covers your ears.
  • Layering is as good idea on the body core and head, but a bit more difficult on your feet because wearing multiple pairs of socks will make it difficult to wear your shoes. Instead, invest in quality shoe covers that are waterproof, if it’s really cold use two pairs!
  • Protect your eyes from the wind and rain, it can be difficult to see properly without eye protection. Most of the top brands of cycling sunglasses will come with clear lens that you can switch to when the sun is not out.
  • Lights are very important all year round, but even more so during the winter months, make sure your lights are fully charged, or you have spare batteries.
  • Winter road bike types that offer a degree of puncture protection and are hard wearing, plus Mudguards are a real must during the winter months.

How can we help?

Currently the team at Bibo are working on a Female cycling top, which has been designed for everyday wear, but can also be used as a base layer. This is possible because the Bibo cycle top is made from top Italian sports fabric, that wicks away moisture.

We are also working on Female Cycling trousers, in the same Italian sports fabric that wicks away moisture and is designed for everyday wear.

Our Female cycle wear is designed to make female cyclists lives easier. Once you arrive at your destination all you need to do is take off your top layers and you’re ready for the office, an event, a party or wherever you need to be without having to bring another set of clothes to change into!

At Bibo staying healthy whilst cycling is important to us, that’s why I always make myself a healthy warm drink to take into work with me. My favourite winter drink is made with the following ingredients, which is very quick and easy to make:

  • One thermos flask
  • One medium sized apple sliced – Apples are full of antioxidants, flavonoids and iron, a real super food.
  • Half a squeezed Lemon or Lime – Lemons and Limes are full of vitamin C, which is great for your immune system.
  • Half a squeezed Orange – Orange juice adds glucose, a natural sugar, plus vitamin D helps with muscle weakness and pain.

Fill your thermos with boiled warm water, add the sliced apple, lemon or lime juice and orange juice, it’s a wonderfully healthy drink to start your day and warm you up!

Not long now until Bibo launches its new Female cycling collection, keep checking our Blogs for more information!