New winter collection

In the last decade there has been a huge increase in the number of cyclists on the UK’s roads, sadly cyclists have to increasing share the roads with careless drivers and large vehicles. To encourage more people to cycle the UK Government is committed to investing £2bn into the cycling infrastructure to ensure roads are safer for cyclist. Following the recent coronavirus lockdown millions of people in London and other major cities in the United Kingdom have been encouraged to either walk or cycle as public transport capacity was reduced to help fighting the virus and the roads were deserted during the lockdown so it was much easier and safer to cycle. The Government wants this surge in cycling to continue once we beat the virus and the lockdown measures would no longer be necessary. Many of the roads within towns and cities have already been permanently restructured for cyclists to use exclusively. Cycling is becoming our new normal!

A large proportion of cyclists are increasing women, who are often discouraged to cycle simply because of the limited range of female cycle wear available. The majority of female cycle wear is usually very masculine looking and made following the male version of cycling wear just in brighter colours or a floral print! Also, the widely available cycling wear for women is generally only suitable for cycling, if you’re cycling into work or an event you would need to carry a spare set of clothes to look presentable.

If you cycled in one of Bibo’s outfits, which are both stylish and functional, there would be no need to change into a new set of clothes. Bibo garments are made from the finest Italian Sustainable Technical Fabric, that wicks moisture away from the body. The majority of our cycling wear are created without zips or buttons which can irritate whilst cycling. Cycling safely is important to Bibo, that is why we have sewn high luminescent strips into the hems of our dresses and trousers to provide additional visibility whilst cycling. The team at Bibo have worked hard to create a collection that ensures that when you reach your destination you can walk straight into the office, party or a bar with full confidence that you look fabulous!

Although, 2020 has been a challenging year because of Covid 19 for everyone, fortunately for Bibo our summer collection was successful, with excellent 5 star rating feedback. Our New Winter Collection is now available to buy via our website. Our winter collection has been designed to add colour to the cold, grey winter days we have also used beautifully crafted Italian warm technical fabrics, to keep you warm on those winter cycles into work or brunch ensuring you arrive warm and looking gorgeous whilst cycling.

At Bibo we have created 3 Collections to select the outfit you are looking for easily, be it for work, formal meetings, a party, working from home, brunch. All the garments within our collections are made from the finest classic and vibrant Italian technical fabrics to suit any occasion. Our range of colourful batwing cycling tops will make you stand out at any occasion, complimented by our comfortable bomber jackets.

Sustainability is very important to the team at Bibo Cycle, that is why we only use suppliers who create and supply non-toxic Bluesign approved fabrics from Italy. We have also chosen to design and make our garments ethically in the the United Kingdom, thereby reducing our global footprint.

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