One of the best resorts in Europe for winter cycling!

This post is about testing our individual garments in our collection to make sure they are right for you, today, I will be talking about our Cycling Dress. The dress itself is made from the highest quality Italian fabric and manufactured in the UK. We knew we had to design a range of clothes that were suitable all day in both lovely hot weather and the cold wet weather we are unfortunately more used to in England. The dress has been designed to be both comfortable and breathable so it can take you through an unexpected shower but you won’t arrive looking like you have just come out of one!

Sylvia enjoying the view in her new Bibo dress

After nearly four months of cycling in the cold grey UK, I decided to take a cycling weekend break in Spain. The La Manga Club in Southern Spain near Murcia airport, is a great place for winter sunshine, I arrived to a sunny 19 degrees! The average temperatures of 22ºC, the best climate in Spain and more than 300 days of sun a year, makes La Manga club a great place to visit during the winter months.

Average temperature in La Manga (Source)

Located in the region of Murcia, La Manga club offers cyclists the opportunity to explore the beautiful beaches surrounded by the Mar Menor, Spain’s largest salt-water lagoon, and the Mediterranean Sea. Monte de las Cenizas Nature Park, and Cabo de Palos, an internationally recognised marine area, are also well worth visiting.

There is a wide variety of cycling routes with different gradings (easy, moderate or difficult) for training in the resort itself, or locally around Portmán, La Unión, Los Alcázares or further afield for more demanding rides such as Mazarrón or Sierra Espuña, which has a mountain pass that will challenge even the most experienced of riders.

The La Manga Club has an on-site bike hiring facility catering for every standard, they can also arrange accompanied excursions for all levels. The helpful staff gave me lots of information for rides for a rider of my ability.

As you can see from my photos, the weather gave me the opportunity to try out the Bibo Cycling Dress, of which, our Spring collection is currently being made in the U.K. I put the cycling dress through various tests to check the quality of the fabric, fit and wearability by wearing it all day.


The quality of the fabric and style of the dress meant that I could wear my padded cycling panties under my cycling dress and walk into lunch without anyone knowing that I was still wearing them. The fabric wicked away any perspiration, subsequently I could enjoy my lunch looking and feeling fresh!

After a spot of work after lunch, I cycled back to the villa I was staying in, then cycled to the tapas bar for drinks and a light supper, still wearing my Bibo Cycling dress after 15 miles, 25 emails and a few glasses of wine!

I designed the Bibo Cycling Dress for women who want to incorporate exercise into their busy lives. In future Blogs I will be testing the Cycling Culottes, Shorts and Tops in the Bibo Cycling collection, the whole range will be available Spring 2018.

Please keep reading the Bibo Blog for news on our innovative Female Cycling Collection.