Why a dress is a great idea for cycling

Recently it seems like everyone is jumping on their bike. Getting more women cycling is what we are all about at Bibo, it makes us sad when women are not joining the two wheeled revolution because of clothing issues.

More and more cycle lanes are being created but high performance, stylish clothes are still lagging behind for ladies.

The overlooked option for women cyclists

One option that’s often overlooked is cycling in a dress. If you cycle to work and want to look stylish, you may feel resigned to bringing a spare set of clothes but cycling in a dress is actually a very viable alternative.

We have done extensive research exploring bars and pubs of London last summer and found that you can cycle 15-20 miles in a dress. This goes up to over 30 if you are wearing padded shorts and take a couple of breaks. If the dresses are made from the right fabric, as all Bibo dresses are, you can exercise and socialise in just one outfit.

If you are running late, you don’t have to worry about creating an outfit you can just pop on your dress and hop on your bike. One thing to remember are your shoes. If you want to wear heels try and take a less busy route or if possible use a pair of ballet pumps to give you stability on the bike. Safety first!

Also, make sure to stay visible on the bike, you can add on some extra reflective gear and lights to make sure you are being seen on the road. Our research shows that red is great for visibility during the day and reflective silver tape at night. That’s why we incorporate it into all our dresses.

Dresses are extremely versatile and allow more airflow than trousers and look more stylish than the dreaded cycling shorts. At Bibo we have used the finest Italian fabric that incorporates technology in two ways. The first, is based on a Hydrophilic finishing process and the second is a double fibre knitting process. Taken together these ensure a feeling of freshness and a rapid drying action, making this an ideal solution for staying cool on summer rides!

The Bibo difference

As with all our clothing we wanted to create a dress that works on the bike and at the bar or office.

We created a special clipping mechanism that allows you to clip your dress together to form loose fitting shorts while on the bike then separate them out as you pop off the bike. Problem solved! The fit is relaxed and sits just above the knee and as the fabric is a knit and as such will have some stretch and give.

To create our Bibo Female Cycle wear collection one of the most important things we needed was great fabric. We worked with our partners in Italy for several months, sampling with different types of fabrics.

We finally found the right fabric that is sustainable, this was done by weaving together a unique blend of fabrics that look like every day clothes, but have the technical and performance properties of sports clothing.

At Bibo we have created a dress specifically for cycling. It gives you freedom of movement without having to worry about unintentional flashing or arriving sweaty to a meeting.