Words from a London cyclist

Now I’m actually able to work hard, play hard!

It’s finally Friday and my morning alarm goes off. It’s December and it’s dark outside – I just want to stay in bed…

Like a lot of Londoners I got tired of the delays and cost of the trains & buses and started cycling to work. Immediately I started to save money and time and guarantee a daily workout! I started cycling in May, with just the sun and a t-shirt on my back, I was carefree and really got into it and developed my motto, “cycle everywhere whatever the weather – NO EXCUSES”.

Come winter, I began to regret my famous last words. Now I have to get up, put my shiny, sweaty ‘proper’ cycle gear on and head out into the wet, dark and cold. I began to dread the changing rooms of my office, I had to try and get in before anyone saw me looking like a Christmas tree and changing into my office clothes as quick as possible thinking about those extra minutes I could have had in bed.

Another problem was the inevitable but still surprising glasses of wine after work. This was often a a problem. I don’t want to leave my bike at the office overnight so if it wasn’t close by, the answer is simple, I didn’t go. The problem was that the clothes I used to cycle in were not appropriate for a quick drink or the office and I couldn’t face lugging around multiple outfit changes everyday just in case.

Surely it can’t just be me?

I know I’m not the only woman with this problem. I’ve spoken to loads of cycling colleagues who often need to make the choice between cycling into work or ditch the bike and take public transport because of drinks or dos in the evening.

When women cycle, being comfortable is a must as well as being safe. Therefore, most dresses aren’t an option, most tops aren’t designed for anything more strenuous than ordering a drink and hailing a taxi and we don’t want to wreck our best work trousers!

What are your options?

1. Make a choice: You won’t look professional showing up to the do in your cycling gear. You’re guaranteed endless banter or questions around why you look like you’ve come back from the London to Brighton. So you could cycle in your work clothes but be prepared for sweaty, sticky clothes upon arrival. You could risk ruining a good shirt too. Or, cycle home and try not to think too much about your FOMO.

2. Choose a brand that solves all your problems. That is Bibo. We have spent many months, researching and designing the best clothes that can take you from the bike to the office, bar and beyond.

We are just finalising the details and you will be able to take a look for yourself soon so watch this space and get ready to cycle in style and comfortably.