Made in Britain with the best Italian fabrics. Sustainable, ethical & stylish. 

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The Founder

At Bibo we are all enthusiastic cyclists. Cycling, to us, represents freedom and the chance to exercise whilst getting from A to B during our busy lives. That is why we came up with the Bibo Cycle Collection.
- Sylvia, Founder of Bibo.

Our Story

Today more women are cycling, but cycle wear for women has not kept up with this trend. Unfortunately, female cycle wear is often just a copy of men’s, but in pink! I became increasingly frustrated by the limited choice of women’s cycle wear and decided to do something about it.

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Our mission

After years of cycling to work and events and dealing with the hassle of carrying spare clothes and changing out of my cycling gear to look presentable, I thought there had to be a better solution. Bibo Cycle is both functional and elegant, so that when you have reached your destination you can walk straight into the office, party or bar with full confidence that you look fabulous!

Bibo’s Collection is made from the finest Italian technical fabrics, carefully crafted into styles that allow women the freedom to cycle to work, an event, or a bar in a stylish outfit. The fabric, design and hidden details remove the need to carry a change of clothes.

With Bibo every woman has the opportunity to cycle to her chosen destination, secure the bike, and get on with their life in style & comfort.

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Our modern technical fabric draws moisture away from your body

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No Zips

Our products are created without any zips or buttons which can irritate while cycling

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Light & Stretchy

All our clothes can stretch without breaking the fibers and return to its original shape giving you much-needed ease, drape, comfort and fitting

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