Bibo Cycle & Sustainability

Bibo is a small London based brand that have designed and created our newest collections in the UK, sourcing our fabrics from a world leader in the production of advanced certified high performance stretch sustainable and low impact Bluesign, fully recycled and Biodegradable fabrics BioBack and Greensoul.

GreenSoul uses 100% recycled fibres, Bioback biodegradable and accelerated biodegradability yarns, with a “zero” environmental impact.

Only the best for our customers and our planet


Style & Sustainability can coexist

Ethically Made

We ensure all our staff and partners have fair pay and ethical practices

Non Toxic

bluesign® APPROVED

We think that cycling is one of the best things you can do for the health of your body and the environment. And we think that the fabrics and materials you choose to wear should reflect that.

FORCE’ is our eco friendly, custom designed fabric made from natural renewable materials.
All our partners are sustainably lead brands throughout the manufacturing and delivery processes.
You can learn more about our ‘Blue Sign’ certificationhere

How we ensure our deliveries are eco friendly:

  • Less packaging materials to reduce waste
  • Only biodegradable packaging materials

Recycled materials: boxes, fillers, and shipping labels

Save on the landfill

We choose much higher quality fabrics than you will find on the high street. We believe in sustainable production and long term use.
Choosing fabrics that are much more resistant to stains, odours and wear means less rubbish ending up in landfill.

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